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Sevan Tellez



Sevan was born and raised in the San Francisco, Ca and live there for 35 years. He moved to the Monterey Bay 13 years ago with his wife and two children. Sevan has been in the home inspection industry for 17 years, over 8000 inspections performed. Becoming a Real Estate Agent was a natural progression in his career. He has been in directly involved in over 8000 Real Estate Transactions, as a Property Inspector. Sevan looks through a different lens when he is accessing properties. He is passionate about real estate and epitomizes honesty, integrity creative problem solving and tenacity. Sevan believes in full disclosure to release liability for everyone involved in the real estate transaction. He works hard to help you understand the complex real estate market in the Monterey Bay and is a skilled negotiator representing your best interests. Whether you are buying or selling real estate in or near Monterey Bay, you need Sevan, you need the kind of insider knowledge that will help you achieve your goals.


Tel: (831) 884-3329

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